Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is NASA?

NASA is an acronym for Nigeria Auto Sport Association, an association registered in Nigeria as a sanctioning body for auto sports.

2) What are the aims and goals of NASA?

I. To promote amateur auto sports and throughout Nigeria

II. To promote professional auto sports throughout Nigeria

III. To allow owners of race cars, high-performance street legal vehicles and motorbikes to enjoy the full performance capabilities of their cars, vehicles and motorbikes in a safe and controlled environment

IV. To conduct, supervise, sanction, and organize amateur and professional motor racing

V. To work in association with other road racing organizations (car clubs, bike clubs etc.) for the betterment of all aspects of auto sports in Nigeria

VI. To bring motorsport to the doorstep of every motorsport enthusiast and fan in Nigeria

3) What is a sanctioning body?

A sports sanctioning or governing body is a sports organisation that has a regulatory function. Sports governing bodies come in various forms, and have a variety of regulatory functions. These roles include organising and overseeing the sport, disciplinary action for rule infractions and deciding on rule changes in the sport.

4) When was NASA established?

NASA was established in the 2013 by a group of motor sport enthusiasts who would like to see the realisation of the dream to have an organized auto sports culture in Nigeria, thereby improving both the quality of life of Nigerians through entertainment and tourism while boosting the economy of the country through revenue generation and employment.

5) How can I join NASA?

You can join NASA by filling the membership form on the website www.nasa.com.ng or by getting the form at designated centres (coming soon).

6) What are the benefits of joining NASA?

There are numerous direct and indirect benefits to becoming a member of NASA, some include:

I. You join an elite community of like-minded individuals working together towards creating a new era in Nigeria through auto sports there by having the opportunity for professional networking with individuals from various walks and cadres of life.

II. Members will enjoy discounts and offers from every partner of the association.

III. Members will have a platform to interact and network with other members from various works of life

IV. Members who have a business will have an opportunity to partner with the association

V. Only registered members of good standing will be qualified to perform in NASA organized events

VI. Members of NASA will enjoy a discount to perform in NASA sanctioned events

VII. Members of NASA will enjoy ticket discounts and various offers from time to time as will be determined to attend NASA organized and or sanctioned events

VIII. Only members will be eligible to officiate at NASA events and on event days

7) Who is eligible to join NASA?

Anyone not less than age 18 is eligible to be a member of the association as long as such a person is deemed to be of good standing by the association. Also car clubs and bike clubs are eligible and encouraged to join.

8) Is NASA recognised by the government of Nigeria?

Yes. NASA has been duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission since January 2014.

9) Has any event been organised till date?

No. No event has yet been organised

10) Is there any event coming up soon?

The maiden event is scheduled for late 2016, it is billed to be an amateur drag race competition

11) What are the duties of members?

Members will participate in promoting the aims and objectives of the association

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